How do you Drive Sales with a focused marketing Strategy for Instagram?

It is very important for all businesses to be having a very active presence on social media in the present times. 

None of the marketing strategies for social media can be fully complete without considering the use of Instagram platform. It has really become one of the top platforms for consumers, brands and advertisers alike. 

The Instagram platform happens to have above 800 million users who are active every month. And there are 500 million profiles on Instagram that are active every day. 

Here is something else which you may find surprising: 70% of the hashtags on Instagram happen to be branded.

No, what does that even mean to you? Even though you may not be very active on the Instagram platform, your competitors surely is. 

Those amongst you, who have already set up their accounts on Instagram are going in the right direction. But just because you have set up a profile on Instagram, it will not necessarily lead to any sales. 

If you really want to boost sales and make some serious money by the use of the Instagram platform, you will need to have a feasible strategy for it. We will try to steer you towards your goals in this article.

Increase the number of followers

The biggest of the initial steps that you would have to take in order to have a successful strategy around marketing on Instagram is to grow the number of followers you have. 

If you don't have a large number of people following you, you will be struggling to get any eye balls on the posts that you make. You will never be able to generate any sales if you do not have a substantial amount of followers. 

For the ones amongst you who have just created their page on Instagram, it can really be intimidating to begin from ground as zero. If you are not a new brand company, you will probably already have a lot of customers. That is the best way of starting to look for the followers. 

A little more than seventy three percent of the users say that they follow the brands they like on the Instagram platform because they feel interested in services or the products that the brands have to offer. 

The customers that you have already acquired feel interested in what your brand has to offer. Do take the time to talk to them regarding your profile on Instagram and request them to start following you. 

You can get started by emailing to your email subscribers you may already have. Just be sure that you are giving them some sort of an incentive to start following you.

For instance, you may be sending out the emails only for a few days in a given month. Then tell your mail recipients that if they follow you on Instagram, they will be able to get more frequent promotions and discounts. 

If you are going to be using this strategy, then be sure that you keep your promise.

Apart from getting in touch with your subscribers on email, you can also carry a badge from Instagram on your website. You should be using your existing channels on social media in order to promote your profile on Instagram as well.  

Once you have taken care of these steps, another good way of getting more people to follow you is that you also follow other people. That being said, try not to just follow any random users. 

Work on finding followers who fit well within your targeted audience. That will be your best shot at generating new leads while you also drive more sales.

How are you going to find the people who may be a good fit in your targeted market? 

This can be really tricky, and you will need to be putting in some efforts. So, begin with finding accounts that look similar to your account.

Now we are not advocating for you to steal the followers from your competition, though that may work well too. 

You are instead going to search for the profiles on Instagram which post content that has some relation to the industry you operate in. For instance, let us say that your company is in the sales of camping and hiking equipment, then you will look for a profile that is actively posting on such activities.

One such profile has more than 135,000 followers. All the content that they post has a relationship with the outdoor locations around the globe.

You can safely assume that the people who are following this account will be interested to look at hiking and camping gear. 

We do understand that all this can take up a lot of your time, but this is guaranteed to work. Once you are able to find some account on these lines, go through their followers and begin to follow these people.

These users will in turn be notified and they will come out to check your profile. If they seem to like what they find on the profile belonging to you, they are likely to start following you. 

Once you have added a ton of followers, you will find that it has become much easier now for you to be able to drive some serious sales using your strategy for Instagram.

Pay attention to the initial impression that your page makes

First impressions do make a huge difference. This statement holds true both in the actual real world and also in the virtual world. 

As somebody in the marketing field, you should be able to figure it out. It is exactly the same reason why you need to write some attractive introduction to a blog post. This becomes very important for the strategy of your content. 

What is the first thing that a user sees when they click through your Instagram profile?

The first thing that they see is your picture on the profile, your biography, and then the latest posts that you have made. Talking again regarding the last point we made about following relevant users in order to grow your following, when any user clicks thorough the profile that you have put out there, they should not be ignored.